Arts by Craft Testimonials
The entire school community is celebrating the incredible gift you have given us of
the new murals that enhance our gym. And it truly is a gift. Your skill and talent
with the project makes this so much more than a mural. At first, we are wowed by the
immensity and impact of the project. Then we look with wonder at the detail and many
facets that come through after a second look. And finally, the message of the mural "Choose Your Path" supports our school goal and brings it to life in a new way.
The gift will live on for many years and be valued over and over by students, parents
and staff. On behalf of our entire community, I thank you very much.

Dennis Ducklow
Principal, Cougar Canyon Elementary
Jason Craft worked closely with the staff and students of Bothwell Elementary School
to create a phenomenal project. The "Bobcat" murals he created tie together the eight school virtues and school mascot within a westcoast scene. The intersection where the murals are installed is the highlight of the school's interior and brings a sense of pride to all of the community who contributed to Jason's talented artwork.
Jason is an extraordinary artist who has an ability to take a few simple ideas to generate a masterpiece. He works patiently with students and inspires them to use their imaginations to create complex scenes.

Lynn Kennedy
Principal, Cloverdale Traditional Elementary
The parents, staff and students of Chalmers Elementary were very happy to have chosen Jason Craft to develop our mural project. Jason was able to successfully match our ideas with his expertise to produce an incredible finished product. The entire school community takes pride in our mural and visitors are always impressed once they venture into the gymnasium. It was a pleasure working with Jason over the many months that were required for this project. He was professional, approachable and demonstrated a great sense of humour. We also enjoyed his presentations during our assemblies. If you are looking to transform a wall at your school, I'd suggest that you strongly consider hiring Jason Craft as the person for the job.
Thanks again Jason!

Matt Carruthers
Principal, Chalmers Elementary
Jason and co. were engaged to develop a look and a finished product on several faces of our new manufacturing facility in Gloucester Industrial Park.
Not only did we develop a great look but the detail and quality of the finish is outstanding.
I did have some apprehension that a simple block font sign on a building was not 'artistically' appealing work for Jason. On the contrary; he engaged our staff and produced a terrific result. He brought some life and art to what might have been a boring building with a boring label attached.
I would be happy to have Jason do all our signage and concept artwork. Contact me directly if you would like to visit our facility and see his work looks great!

Ian Hogg
General Manager, Allied Windows and Doors